Home Date

by Meghan Rowe on February 29, 2012, no comments

We started dating at home after our first born arrived in 2009; we learned that with child(ren) it gets harder and harder to spend intentional time together. Let’s face it, we are exhausted, childcare is expensive or sometimes not an option and frankly our budget just doesn’t always allow for a divine yet extravagantly expensive […]

Pillowcase Dress

by Meghan Rowe on February 6, 2012, no comments

I hadn’t sewed anything since grade 9 – that is until recently. I wanted to make a new stroller cover for my daughter’s baby doll stroller (more on that later) and after that project I just kept on sewing. Pillowcase Dress tutorials can be found on a number of blogs, the dress found at Naptime […]


by Meghan Rowe on February 5, 2012, no comments

Welcome to Rowedeo! I have been dreaming about this little blog for a while now and am so excited to see it become a reality. A place for family, food, crafts, photos and everything else – I hope you love what you see and are inspired to try something new.

Sew Happy

by Meghan Rowe on February 5, 2012, one comment

It was bound to happen, I read blogs like MADE and Prudent Baby (they make it look so easy). ‘It’ being sewing of course. A few weeks ago I dug out my hand-me-down sewing machine with the intention of just making a new cover for my daughter’s baby doll stroller. I ended up making more […]