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Sewn: Shwin Designs Stella Tunic

by Meghan Rowe on September 8, 2015, one comment

I recently purchased two patterns from Shwin and Shwin – the Stella Tunic and Leggings, and the Maggie May Tunic/Dress (photos to come soon). I made this Stella Tunic as a birthday gift for a friends daughter. There are so many incredible pattern designers to be found online right now! I also want to make this, and this, and […]

Infinity Scarf

by Meghan Rowe on March 4, 2012, no comments

Or, as I keep (mistakenly) saying, eternity scarf. My sister’s thirtieth birthday is on Friday and today is Wednesday – I realized this morning that I didn’t have a gift planned – well, not anything thoughtful. We had planned to give her cash, but something tactile carries a little more meaning. To the great world […]