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Meal Plan: November 14 – 20

by Meghan Rowe on November 14, 2012, no comments

quinoa burgers with fry sauce(lettuce, tomato & onion slices, pita & roasted veggies)these might not sound way to healthy to be good, but the recipe looks amazing ham, brie & caramelized apple panini with grainy mustard(green salad & pickles)yum, yum, yum chicken pesto soup with gnocchi(bread & cucumber salad)so comforting date night(kraft dinner for the […]

Meal Plan: November 7 – 13

by Meghan Rowe on November 7, 2012, no comments

lasagna (garlic bread & salad) thanks to my mom, all I had to do was pull the lasagna out of the freezer and bake it fritata with zucchini, mushrooms, onions & feta (fruit salad) we didn’t get to it last week, so it got bumped to this week’s meal plan pulled pork enchiladas in green […]

Meal Plan: October 31 – November 6

by Meghan Rowe on October 31, 2012, no comments

indian chicken burgers (naan, veggie sticks, raita & mango chutney) any meal with naan bread at our house is a hit lemony lentil soup (naan, green salad) even though my husband doesn’t like lentils, I throw them into the meal plan every once in a while salmon with herbs & lemon (rice, steamed veggies) a […]

March 6 – March 12: Weekly Meal Plan

by Meghan Rowe on March 6, 2012, no comments

Over the last few months I have begun to do a weekly meal plan; typically I plan only for our dinners and/or any meals we are entertaining guests. I find that I spend considerably less at the grocery store, and daily meal preparation is so much less stressful. I do not assign a day to […]